“I took my car to BMTR in Birmingham and straightaway was impressed by their facility and staff with good technical knowledge. At most tyre depots if you mention road force variation they don’t know what you are talking about! All 4 tyres were checked for balance and road force. The normal balance was good, as expected, but the road force variation on one of the front wheels was in the red at 120Newtons. The machine checked the rim run out and then indicated where to reposition the tyre on the rim and was retested. To my amazement the road force variation came down to a very low level of 20Newtons. The other tyres were all in the 25-45Newtons range so no tyre repositioning was carried out.

I was beginning to give up hope of ever returning to the smooth ride of the car on its original tyre brand but now the end result is a car that rides smoothly at 70mph and above. The whole procedure at BMTR took 90mins and cost £58, far quicker and cheaper than following the current selected tyre brand manufacture’s  suggestion”

Tony Winter, Birmingham


“What an improvement! I’ve had trouble with this car ever since the original factory run flat tyres were replaced. It’s been to BMW for wheel alignment & back & forth to various national & independent tyre fitters on numerous occasions for standard wheel balancing over the months & it’s never been 100%. The car has always had vibration through the chassis & steering at motorway speed to one degree or another. I came across the details of road force balancing online (www.BalanceMyCar.co.uk) and thought i’d give it a go. The results are markedly different to a standard balance. Steering vibration, all but gone. Chassis vibration, gone. It’s quieter on the road & a totally different car to drive. I now feel like i’m involved in driving the car again & no longer a passenger. I’d recommend a Road Force Balance to anyone with difficult to balance wheels such as heavy run flat tyres. The car is 18 months old & has 70K on the clock.”

Nick Tomlinson, Plymouth


“The machine at a location on your map has completely solved the wheel vibration on my Range Rover, I watched the process being done and I was very impressed by the machines capabilities. The technician that used the machine was of a very high standard and he definitely knew how to use the machine effectively… I won’t be using anything else in the future on all my families cars.”
Sam Bowler, Derbyshire