Q   Is a normal balancer able to diagnose Road Force Variation or Lateral Pull?

A  NO – A standard balancer can measure imbalance and this can be resolved by applying weights to the wheel. But a standard balancer does not have the capability to take the wheel assembly on a simulated road test.

Q  If I go to a tyre shop and they say they can resolve Road Force Variation or Lateral Pull – how can I check they have a Road Force Balancer?

A  Easy – just ask if you could see the balancer they propose to use.  If it does not have the ‘Load Roller’ that lowers down onto the tyre, it will not be a Road Force Balancer.

Q Can a Road Force Balancer, balance wheels?

A  Yes – It balances the wheels as part of the process. However, it is capable of just balancing wheels if that is all that is required.

Q.  Do I need to have all four wheels checked?

A To ensure optimum handling and comfort it would be advisable to have all four checked together.

Q How often should I get my wheels checked?

A If you have a vibration or pull issue, do get them checked.  Otherwise you can get them checked once a year or whenever you change the tyres on the vehicle.